Monday, August 29, 2011

Im eating lunchables

Who says that you have to stop eating lunchables because you're past the age of 7??
I say screw that, this is a well rounded snack.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Leave the past behind, just walk away
When it's over, and the heart breaks
Then the cracks begin to show...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It's a new day...

It's a new day and always i stop and think about what i remember.
My life is an entity that gets created and destroyed with each passing day.
i 'll hug the air that passes thorough my lungs until the sun rises.
i'm literally... here. i can't be anywhere else.
No matter how much i remember.
i just want to be able to get by. One day. Any day.

Sometimes i stop and think about him and i lose my breath. i can't help myself.
It's only natural to want something that's natural. We breathe because our bodies say we need air. i remember because my body says i need him. It's been hard, but i don't see any other way.
i'm stuck in the epicenter of memories that flood past my soul. My brain. My eyes.
Drenching everything that stands in it's way.

It's unforgiving the forgivable. i've always found that hard to forgive, things that are forgivable... normally they carry the facade of being unforgivable. So perplexing.

As it is meant to be. Almost everything now a days is perplexing. A phenomenon of moments.
The world can be such a small space despite being so large.
Tying it's way around these moments and linking them.
A lineage of veins and arteries. The heartbeat of life.

So perplexing. And simple.
All apart of a new day.

Monday, August 22, 2011

A Wasted Moment

The paradox of a parody 
   that lives deep inside of me 
I can never be free can't you see.

The pain rains on me 
    as it reigns over me 
 My soul is all I see 
and never what's inside of me...
I know what I could be 
  what I should be & 
what I would be
    but all I wanna be is 
free to be me....

But the pressure rains down on me 
     It reigns over me 
I am nothing can't you see 
  I am everything I wanna be 
forever me.

Tick Tick Toc on the clock
    & on the dot. 
I can't sleep. My mind races 
 a speedway of thought. 

No winner for I have lost 
    My mind 
I believe I left it 

My story is just a parody 
   of what lies 
Deep inside of me
       I've lost the time can't you see
I've lost my mind, can it be?

And the feelings rain on top of me 
        as the feelings reign over me
I am no longer lost for words 
   as words pour out of me. 

Rocking back and forth 
   Asylum is my home 
in my mind I live
nevermore, nevermore...

1,2,3... I count more than enough 
       words for names, leaving behind a memory
of what is left of me
  still just an enigmatic 
time box, tick tock. tick tock
  hands dance around a circle 
No longer just a memory but...
          a melody of a wasted moment. 

Blank stares into the eyes that 
 aren't there. They judge me. 
     They Judge Me. 

As tears reain inside of me
        And pain reigns over me 
I was never lost can't you see  
           For nevermore I AM it can be.