Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It's a new day...

It's a new day and always i stop and think about what i remember.
My life is an entity that gets created and destroyed with each passing day.
i 'll hug the air that passes thorough my lungs until the sun rises.
i'm literally... here. i can't be anywhere else.
No matter how much i remember.
i just want to be able to get by. One day. Any day.

Sometimes i stop and think about him and i lose my breath. i can't help myself.
It's only natural to want something that's natural. We breathe because our bodies say we need air. i remember because my body says i need him. It's been hard, but i don't see any other way.
i'm stuck in the epicenter of memories that flood past my soul. My brain. My eyes.
Drenching everything that stands in it's way.

It's unforgiving the forgivable. i've always found that hard to forgive, things that are forgivable... normally they carry the facade of being unforgivable. So perplexing.

As it is meant to be. Almost everything now a days is perplexing. A phenomenon of moments.
The world can be such a small space despite being so large.
Tying it's way around these moments and linking them.
A lineage of veins and arteries. The heartbeat of life.

So perplexing. And simple.
All apart of a new day.

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