Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Here Again... (12.5.11)

I have made it here again. Back at the guys apartment. In the most awkward situation yet. Never fails as soon as I step out of my comfort zone. I get thrown to the wolves. I kinda don't want to be here.. but I kinda do.. It's complicated.

He's in love with me. I knew he was, I knew he would be. How did i know? As soon as he got a taste, then as soon as he got a bite. he would want more.. he would want the whole thing.. he wouldn't want to let it go.. they never do..

I don't want that. At least I don't think i do. How long can I pretend before he get's hurt? Before i do? Fuck my life. I don't want him to be hurt.

I'm done for now...

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