Sunday, December 25, 2011

It's christmas.. is it christmas??

Im at a cross road. Where everything makes me feel empty. And alone. And shallow.. is this christmas?? Is this depression??
Is this a figment of my imagination??

The questions one asks themselves when they've been pretending everything was ok, only to realize that it isn't.

But it's ok,  because it's not okay.
I don't remember the holiday
I don't remember what's gone away
I don't remember the words to say... Even though i promised i'd never forget....

I mean, what could i possibly say... I just want to be alone
I want to be gone and away like a rogue wind, bustling and whispering sin and secrets alike, "i'll tell you yours if you tell me mine...."

But again, those are only words ... Life is only words
Pain and hurt happiness serenity words words words

Is that christmas?? Just a word?? Filled with fake meaning?? Words behind words behind words. For every word theres a word for it's meaning, which means words as well. It's perpetual. This understanding of being lost... Is only simple words.....

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