Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Morning

It's 10:06, and I'm awake. This won't last forever. It will catch up to you. I've gotten over the eeriness of that day. My actions spiraling out of control. It wasn't that ba... yes it was. I guess that makes sense for the amount of time that passed. I'm not even sure what happened. Whatever.

And now it's time to fuck up again. But it's only morning. So I have to make it through the day. I have to make it through the weekend.

What's funny is that I'm feeling really torn. He seems genuine and sincere about his feelings for me, but I also feel as if something isn't being said.
He seems infatuated, but is that bad? I don't know. There are a million and one symbols and signals that i could and should read into but I'm sensing that I'll just live and I should stop trying to analyze - at leas for now.

I'm so tired. But sleep is for the wicked. So I'm stuck.
Awake. I'll write some more later.

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