Monday, December 5, 2011


I'm at work now. And I should be working... right?
But I hadn't posted in such a long time, so I'm doing it now.

This weekend was eventful.

My cousin visited. It was a near disaster. I mean, I got along with her alright. But she's EXTREMELY rude to the family and to random people. And her dad (my uncle) took her shopping at Forever 21 with a $50 gift ard and she lost it in the store (right before we were about to check out) and she blew up on her dad because of it. Yes I know, makes no fucking sense to me either. Anyway, we did have some fun. But for the most part like always with my family it was conflict.

I also spoke with The Guy again. Now that I've gotten over me just doing whatever with someone I barely know, I don't feel that bad. I'm human. The act wasn't terrible either. It just happened. Tis is life. So I'm dealing. And I'm fine. So we talked over the weekend. I can finally get to know him.

He's so sweet. He really likes me. I mean like really. -_- Again he wants a relationship, but I just dragged myself out of one, so I don't want to get into another one again. I really don't. But the guy is just different. We have a lot in common, I enjoy talking to him. I enjoy hanging out with him. I have to revisit the sex factor. We'll see. But I've actually known him for about a year, it was just acquaintance status, so it didn't become anything. Plus I was still dating the boyfriend at the time, so I didn't want to jeopardize that.
Anyway, I digress... basically the guy has fallen head over "boots" (?) in love with me and I don't know how to respond to that. I don't want to hurt his feelings, it's just that my feelings are like, not working/out of service currently. This has been plaguing me like all weekend.
I knew this was going to happen. I just didn't know how or when, or what I would do about it.
So I'm going to see him again today. We'll see what becomes of that.

I've also been trying to get out of my house all weekend. Due to the guest (uncle and cousin) that plan failed, miserably. And I still didn't end up getting any of my homework done. I gotta figure something out and fast or I'll fail all my classes for the semester. Sigh.

I also had a baby sit down with the mom and g-mom. G-mom jumped for joy at the news of me breaking up with the (now ex) boyfriend..  Mom is all for dating, just no babies, and she prefers that he's Jew. And G-mom says no guys with kids.. not even half kids. (lol) What do i look like to them?

Mom was upset that I didn't tell her sooner. Oh well. I liked having my secrets for once, I don't know how she dragged it out of me this time.

I didn't get to film any of this beautiful stuff, and that pisses me off. The bro had the camera. Damn I wish I had my own. Sometimes I just hate relying on other people. But I guess you gotta take what the world hands to you.

I didn't sleep last night. I was trying to get some research done for my papers. It was semi successful. I wish I was able to just write the paper out. Because I wanted to hand it in today. Sigh. We'll see. I might be able to still achieve that goal. But I guess I gotta get of Blogger first right? Yeah...

Anyway, I'm so tired it's gotten to a point were sometimes my legs just give out. I'm not sure how i'm going to make it through the day. And I've got such a long day ahead of me.

Ah well.
I'm going to try and work... and not fall asleep. I see failure in my future, at lest in this endeavor.

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