Sunday, January 22, 2012


Ok. Second gripe with pregnancy... Feeling like you want to puke your soul out ALL THE DAMN TIME.
ugh, its the worse.
Its so tough to deal with.
For instance, it is now 4 am and I can't sleep because I feel like vomiting. Eating would help but I've got no appetite because I feel like vomiting. This cycle is never ending.
I hate it.
Nothing wrong with pregnancy... It's great and beautiful in the grand scale. But the small details.... Like feeling itchy and eating like a pig.. and/or throwing up, or just making the face.. and the random cravings. Those things make pregoness... One messy ride. I wouldn't recommend it to someone of weak will.
Sigh I'm so tired...
I'm gonna try and sleep but I'd love some IKEA pizza right now.......

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