Thursday, February 16, 2012

10 weeks!

Dear me.. I haven't written in a while, I suppose that's because not only was the past 2 weeks the roughest I think I've ever experienced, but also because I've been exhausted...
So, I guess I kinda gotta recap right? I'm sure you're burning to know what the fuck happened that derailed me to such an extend (after I was just praising myself for consistency..)
Well, 2 weeks back I had a hernia scare. Docs were worried about el bebe, so had to take care of that... Then immediately following I attempted the cinnamon challenge. (Look it up on youtube if you're not sure what that is..) To make that long story short, I had a terrible.. i repeat terrible allergic reaction. It kept me out of commision for an entire week.
To top that sundae off with a wonderful cherry, the moms learned of the baby. It's been a rollercoaster with her since. At first she was like whatever.. then she was upset.. and then her "upset" got progressively worse. She began bargining ANYTHING to get me to have an abortion. Then she pulled her best card yet. "Me or the baby..." Meaning that if I didn't take the baby's life, she would take hers... Yeah, I know.. off her rockers. Anyway, that devestated me, because I could see she was already destroying herself slowly. I also knew that if I got rid of my baby, I would perish.. in that fashion exactly.. I would fall apart. I knew this entrinsicly.
Thankfully, I had great guidance from my best friend, my boyfriend, and my film instructors... So I'm going to stick to my plan to live my life, and anyone not on that boat can suck it. Except my mom... I'll drag her on a booey...
So now... I've got the first pic of babe. At 9 weeks. Heartbeat of 165 per minute

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