Thursday, February 16, 2012

11 weeks and bouncing baby!!

So it's been a while since I've posted. I've got so much to say, it seems like I don't enough time... all the time. That's just hell to me because I love to write, and it's not like I can't think of anything to write, I'm bursting at the seems. It's just that the thoughts swirl through my head and then in that same instant that I thought of them, they're gone. It's heart breaking not being able to remember those raw thoughts. I've got to figure out a better way to capture them... even when I'm dead tired.

So I guess updates are due, before I get to the story of the day:

  • Nausea has subsided for the most part. But every once in a while it smacks me in the mouth, and I can't help but making a face. 
  • Headaches are coming in now.. and that's causing some terrible nausea and vomiting... so yeah..
  • Mom is on board! She wants a girl, and she's still a little bitter at times, but she's my mother and I love her and she loves me and she's an amazing woman.. *I'm tearing up..* 
    • On that same note, our relationship has gotten better by ten fold. 
    • My relationship with my g-mom on the other hand, has not. She'll come around once the baby is born.
  • My bestie V and I are now an item.. So I have a boyfriend and a girlfriend .. and a fetus!! So much love!!!
  • L is being great.. we don't get to spend as much time together but we're working on that.
  • I've been thinking about baby names so far I've got:
    • Avena 
    • Nova
    • Nyaj
    • Adair
    • Kai
    • Kai'Ahava
    • Ahava
    • Nix (maybe..)
    • Arvid
    • Aylin
    • Any more suggestions??
  • Uhh.. Oh! Energy levels has increased.. slightly. I can manage through a day.. mornings are still tough. Mom has advised that I start a routine. That sounds like a really good idea, whether or not I'll follow through.. who knows..
  • Hmm.. I've managed to film some stuff thanks to the lil bro and my film instructor. Great footage, but I still have so much more work to do. Gotta get my shit together. It's crunch time. 
  • Hmm. Oh.. I haven't broken the news to my father yet. sigh.. I am dreading that, but my mom is like.. howabout Sunday?? so it's kinda been settled that my dad sit with me and L and we break the great (in our eyes) news.. I hope he doesn't have a heart attack...
I think that's it for the update.. which is actually more than I realized. Sigh. I'll start updating more often.. I'm gonna try everyday. But for now, lets get to the story of the day!

So yesterday I went to see the doctor in Staten Island (long story, odd reason why: terrible experience with other OBGYN.. uh.. and I just wanted to be comfortable for once, it kinda backfired but whatever the end made it all worth it) 
Anyway... After much hollabaloo. I was able to do a sonogram, and we got to see the baby again!! It was amazing. He or She kept on flipping around and doing all sorts of happy baby tricks. It made me laugh, and that made the baby move more! It was great! I loved it. Mom loved it too, and so did L (of course) although he kept on making weird jokes and it upset me some (he was being childish and ridiculous about the entire thing, long story again, but i got over it the babies more important). Anyway, it seems like the baby is doing just fine, taking all my energy and loving it. I'm glad it's going somewhere. 

I can't wait until I'm bigger and I can actually feel everything. I know I'll be annoyed by it when I'm trying to sleep, but I don't care, I'll sleep when I'm old. I want to experience my happiness with my child. So exciting.

So now.. both baby and I are bouncing.. Yah!! 

p.s. I'll post sonogram pics soon.  

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