Saturday, February 25, 2012

I forget..

Sometimes I forget I've got a baby growing inside of me. Pregnancy is odd, because if it weren't for the symptoms, for the first few months you wouldn't even know it exsisted.
I was able to tell myself I wasn't pregnant for the first month. Then the nausea slapped me and said "really??"
So yeah..
But I seriously forget that I've got a human (tiny or not) growing and changing and flipping inside my uterus. (Remember little girls babies grow in the "uterus" not the "stomach". Stomaches are too acid and gross for that.. :)
How can I not forget though??
I can't feel anything. I still feel the same... Aside from my extreme lack of appetite, nausea, heightened sense, etc...
Sigh.. I'm tired.
I know by month 5 (i think.. odd contradiction, I know) i'll be sucking my words back through a straw, because this active ass baby is going to make himself or herself known.. well known.
So by then I won't forget..
Until then.. sometimes I forget.
Wouldn't you?

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