Monday, February 27, 2012

Is it bad that I want a water birth??

After going (currently) 13 weeks without an OBGYN or doctor of any kind I'm starting to ponder whether people think I'm ridiculous for wanting to have a water birth.
Water births are actually fairly new to the West, and the U.S.  especially. However it's been a practice in the East for centries.. documented mostly in France and Russia. I know currently it's a big deal in the U.K. I'll link more details about water births below, but trust that I've done my research and it's what I want.. hands down. The only other way I'd consider otherwise is if I found out magically that I'm having multiples (of any number).
But as I've been on the search for a place to give birth (which for some odd reason has gotten me flustered and rushed) I found that water births are definitely something not normally done here in the U.S. and it definitely doesn't look like it for people who have government insurance.
There are a limited number of birthing centers in NYC. That also includes hospitals that have jacuzzi tubs that can be used for water births. To top of the cherry, it's only really customary for midwives to deliver through water births. There are a wide range of midwives in NYC, but very very few who take and/or are covered by government insurance. This dillemma has left me in quite a bind.
I stumbled on an really cool birthing center not too far from me, but it's small (there's only two room, and one tub) so there is a chance that when it comes time for me to gice birth I may have no choice but to push in their living/waiting room or in the nearby hospital. And that I don't want. I'd be upset if that happened (as a result of where I chose to give birth, not due to any type of medical situation or emergency). That birthing center also doesn't do sonograms, so I wouldn't get to see my baby until he/she arrived.. and I want some pre-birth pics of the little jumper.
So now, I've been struggling to find some midwife hiding under an obscure rock to accept/be covered by my insurance and be lovely and warm and understanding and caring and to wonderfully deliver my beautiful child in the most loving way.. in a great tub of water!
I imaginine it's so nice.. so now I just have to make it happen.. :(
Unfortunately in the mean time, people are getting concerned and want me to compromise. And don't get me wrong, I have area's of lee-way.
Like allowing an OBGYN to deliver my baby, as long as "she" was super awesome and would do so via water birth.
I think that's my only compromise actually.. bleh. At least im creating doors for options. But I know I deserve the best and so does my child. So i deserve to get the birthing experience I want, and unless some type of medical emergency says otherwise..  I'm having a water birth.
I don't think that's too bad.
What do you think?

Water Births!

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