Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A lot on my mind...

So it's been a pretty rough weekend. I had redemption plans for Valentines day that fell through. It was a major disappointment, but I received a gorgeous rose the prior to that fiasco that kinda made up for it (which is kinda weird I know.) So that tumble kinda led into an oddly emotional weekend. Which has been spilling into an oddly emotional week.

Really it's just that, everything is overwhelming. Bleh.

I'm 12 weeks pregnant now. And I already feel fat. I'm showing.. and that's probably because I had quite a belly before baby, so baby is just making my belly more pronounced. Doc wanted me to cut back on sugar because I was overweight prior to baby. But I just lost like 10 lbs so.... and the baby likes sugar so.... I don't like deprivation. But that's besides the point.

I've been trying for some time to put my emotions in a format that I can understand enough to explain, but really it just feels like a jumble of jumble of word jumble. So it kinda looks like this:


So yeah, I'm up at 2:27 in the morning and instead of doing homework I'm stressing out. Oh.. and I'm  watching the United States of Tara (which is an amazing show.. <3)

So it's just been tough for me, getting these things together.. and out. I don't know. I'm not really concentrating on writing this. So maybe I should formulate my mind better. I'm gonna try and get some more homework done. and then maybe think about achieving some sleep.


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