Saturday, March 3, 2012


People can tell when somethings wrong.
And they admit that they know when it's something out of their hands or that they can't fix.
So they ignore it.
And they ignore you.
And they wait until either it
Or you
Are gone.
They ponder in their meager hours alone
If they should have said something
Acknowledged it.
Or done something.
Gave you a hug.
But in the end they suffice in believe it's too big
Their's nothing they can do.
So they don't do a damn thing.
And they wait until either it
Or you
Are gone.
And when you leave, they sigh. They no longer feel that pressure. They can get back to their everydailylives.
They can breathe.
Although they know you can.
It's safe to say that they know and will most often admit that they can tell when somethings wrong.. and only they can do something about it.
But who wants that burden?
So they ignore it.
And wait until either it
Or you
Are gone.


  1. Jesus said we're supposed to bear one another's burdens..I've been bearing yours. I'll keep praying for ya.

    1. Thanks so much Gabby. You're a godsend! It's quite a tough journey but I'm hopefully that with tons of support and prayer I'll plow through. I'm just feeling the rut right now. lol.

  2. Yeah, so am I..this past month has been if being sick, losing my voice, my friend nearly committing suicide, and a bunch of other stuff aren't enough, I just found out tonight that my dad might have Hepititis C..I TOTALLY understand how you feel like you don't want to be a burden to others..I'm so thankful I don't have to worry about being a burden to Jesus. My mentor once told me that he takes all of our problems and throws them into a sea of glass. Isn't that so cool??
    Sorry to get on my soapbox. I do that sometimes:P But I know God is going to get you through this. If he's got me this far in life, he can definitely get you through, too.
    Love to you:)

  3. Don't worry about the soapbox.. I think they're awesome! It's great to get your feelings out there and even if absolutely no one is listening just knowing your words are out of your mind and in the atmosphere is the first step to getting through those rough times. I love the sea of glass metaphor.. it's amazing and it makes so much since. (please be aware.. I may use that in a poem in the near future, don't worry I'll give you mentor the credit he deserves.)
    Wishing you the best with everything doll, and I know that with God you'll make it and come out defiantly on top. I don't think that email went through but keep an eye out!


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