Tuesday, April 10, 2012

18 WEEKS!!

I'm not going to lie. It's extremely fascinating. I can now feel the baby move, and it's incredible... and honestly funny. Every time I pay attention and think about it, I just laugh. All I can think is: "This is really happening?" "This is possible!" "This is amazing!" Like.. thanks God for creating this experience because boy, oh boy.. it is one fascinating experience. I'm just overflowing with JOY. I am so happy it's not even funny.. .well.. it is. IT'S GREAT! I've never felt this way in my entire life. I repeat. MY. ENTIRE. LIFE.

The other day as I was riding the train, I wrote a little something when I felt like I couldn't contain my emotions anymore. In fact I was so happy, that I ended up crying all the way home. Although I'm sure if any one looked at me it wouldn't have seemed that way. But trust me, I was the happiest girl in the world:

Pregnancy is so fascinating. Each and every day I connect with the baby a little more and it's so beautiful. It makes me so happy. I just want to scream from the rooftops "I'm growing the most amazingly beautiful and wonderful thing in the world !!" words can't fully express the feeling. I'm so proud and happy to be a woman so I can be apart of this process. The beginning nor the end matter anymore. The pain the struggle.. is nothing in comparison to the overwhelming love I feel for my child. Love that is more than I could ever want to give or receive. Love that is more than I ever thought possible. Love that is timeless and endless and priceless. Love that doesn't even fit into the confines of the word love. It's a loud obnoxious vivacious experience that takes me into a realm that I never thought would or could exist.

Just when I thought I was losing me.. I was finding you (the baby) and you are so much more.. You are the best of everything best. My heart cannot fit the love I have for you. My body cannot either. This love expands beyond the stretches of the universe, beyond the confinement of time and space and is nothing like what words can define.

I'm still astonished that I get to be apart of this. I sound like a broken record but I feel like I'm brand new.

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  1. That's amazing!! I'm so happy for you! Jesus is totally loving seeing you smile again:)


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