Monday, December 10, 2012

Moment of thought

I was having a moment of thought... And I didn't want to write anything. But what a better time to write than when you're in deep thought.

Well something really good must be on the verge of happening because I feel like Im at my wits end. Everyone is or has been pissing me off one way or another. I want control over my life back. I need my space. Became people feel like Im obligated to them for whatever reason but thy cannot obligate themselves to me. I'm so tired of everything. Of being hurt and hurting in return. No fun.

Im hoping above all hope that good news ensues this week. And it'll only be uphill from here. Or at least not down hill. I can handle a plateau.

I'm tired but I can't sleep. Again. Being stressed is exhausting. Especially with a child. Because I can't be stressed around her, or exhausted. That's no good for her.

I'd really like to move out on my own. I'd have such peace of mind. I wouldn't be so depressed. I'd be better off. Every other option is too stressful.

I realize I don't like living with people. After living in shelter after shelter all my life I just can't do it anymore. People annoy me beyond no end no. I don't have any more nerves for them to get on ... So Im just lashing out. But at least Im finally getting to speak my mind. Let others know what's really going on.

Just a thought.  

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