Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hopes and dreams...

I have hopes of getting married.
Dreams of having a beautiful weeding.
In a park.
Downed in beautiful leaves, flowers, vines.
Wearing a beautiful dress
And a ring that sparkles like moonlight.
The sun shining through a sweet dew kissed airy day.
I have hopes of happiness.
Of elation.
Dreams of ocean breeze nights.
Warm arms around my torso.
Breath on my neck.
Heat and passion
Heart beating faster.
I have hopes of rain.
Fingers to wipe my tears away.
Words to soothe a rough day.
I have hopes of success.
That only I can measure.
Vacation in daily pleasures.
Dreams of never going to work
But working hard everyday.
Of having time to watch my daughter play.
I have hopes of eating breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Cooking for and being cooked for
Sweet gestures and naughty night outs.
Dreams of contentment
A home, filled with adventure
Bursting with color
Thriving with life

I have hopes for my dreams
And that's what keeps me alive.

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