Saturday, April 6, 2013

No offense but have you thought this through?

I know that this topic is touchy, and many many people will be twisting their panties before I even plead my case, but first hear me out. And before I even get to the topic at hand I must first apologize to anyone that I offend or call out. But I think it's about high time that someone really thought about the whole story. So here I go.


Yeah I know, get your fire and brim stone ready I don't care. I am straight up pro choice and here are my reasons why.

I understand that the argument for not having an abortion is murder and that we should take care of gods creatures and give them a chance at life and so on and so forth I've heard it a thousand times. However we have not considered what would happen if every woman decided to an abortion...
1. Quality of life!

This is important for every human.
Have you seen those female beggars on the subways or the streets? Yeah they decided not to have an abortion and now those precious babies are suffering.
Raising a child is hard, especially in today's society. Especially considering that there is less and less assistance for those in need and there are less and opportunities to generate income to be able to support a family let alone give them the basic quality of life that a human deserves.

Ask yourself this.. People who throw pictures of dead babies in the distraught faces of silent women who have had or contemplated/ing abortions...
Are you willing to assist in supporting that child that you are so determined to save?
Will you give that mother a job? A home??
Diapers? Wipes? Financial support? Emotional support? Physical support?
Will you help her tote her stroller down the stairs of the subway? Or watch her child with the same tender loving care that she would while she goes to work?
Will you protect that child from poverty? Drugs? Bullying? Rape? Murder? Suicide?
Are you willing to create a WORLD where said child can flourish in their own right?
Can you say hands down that you are willing to take civil village-like responsibility for said child?

2. Space!

Again, if every woman decided to have the children they were impregnated with there would be no space on this planet for them.
We are already overpopulated. There isn't enough if a balance between life and death. ( realistically speaking...)

3. State of the world!

Has anyone looked at the world today?
In its entirety?
The United States ALONE is on the brink of a nuclear war... And THIS is what we want to bring children into.
They deserve much better than to struggle their entire lives in whatever conditions fate lays upon them only to DIE because some people just can't get along. Because money and greed and power are more important than the lives of INNOCENT people.
I digress. I can honestly say, that the average haggler on the street passing out pamphlets against abortion has done NOTHING towards the betterment of the world. Not to say that one person can make the world better, but if we decided as a people to to STAND AS A UNITED FRONT and stop squabbling about people's personal business we'd be much farther in having a world worth living in than we are now.

Now don't get me wrong.
I have a daughter. I was told to have an abortion because otherwise I'd be messing up my future. I was threatened with losing everything if I didn't have an abortion.
I didn't.
I did lose a lot of things, and things are most definitely a mess, but I gained a beautiful loving daughter. However as I have said, IT'S HARD! Even more so for minorities, and people that are of low income. It's nearly IMPOSSIBLE to give your child the life they deserve..

Tell me is this REALLY fair to the child???
To have to LIVE a unsatisfactory life??

In my case for example, my daughters father and I don't have the best of relationships. I chose to have my daughter because at the time I loved him and I wanted my baby and I figured we could work it out together as a family. Things changed as other factors came into play. Finances, family, depression, jobs, etc. Come to find out we're severely incompatible. I'm a mush and he's overly aggressive. My daughter has had to witness arguing, cheating, hurting, crying, screaming, she's had to witness the disintegration of mommy and daddy. That's not fair to her. And though she is only a child now, she won't be forever...this brings me to..

Factoring in what happens when the child grows up? There are just a plethora of hardships that can come along. And this could in turn out to cause more harm then help to society.

Last but not least. Please understand that an abortion is NOT easy for the average woman. It takes a SEVERE mental, emotional, physical toll on her body, mind, and entire psyche!
But it is a CHOICE that WE HAVE TO MAKE!
It is NOT YOUR body that has to go through the confusing and sometimes traumatic period of pregnancy and the hardship of labor..
Nor is it your LIFE that will FOREVER be altered by this CHOICE.

So please take a moment, walk two moons and grasp this intense decision in its entirety.

Now YOU have a choice. To be compassionate and understanding and put your efforts and power into helping the children that are ALREADY HERE and are SUFFERING. Then think about creating a stable future for the ones to come.

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