Thursday, April 4, 2013

The show goes on...

As a result of my shenanigans last night, or early this morning rather . I am currently exhausted. And I have a long day, which includes a midterm. I'm obviously and justifiably upset

Also note, I have my period. And I'm bleeding profusely. And I forgot to bring extra pads. I've already bled through the one I put on this morning. It's only been 2 hrs!! I don't know how I'm gonna make it through my 3 and a half hour film class 😐

So we're on a break and I bought these sesame snack sticks by pepperidge farm.. THEY'RE MY SAVIOR!!! These things are GREAT!!!

Sooo he calls me up in the middle of class to apologize. I accepted his apology, but in retrospect, I'm still upset. And I still think its time for us to go our separate ways...

I made I through class in piece. I'm gonna head to work and try to make it through that In one piece. Emphasis on try..

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