Monday, June 10, 2013


My heart is breaking 
its earth quaking deliberating this
 Fate I'm facing 
there's no space in
 my soul for the taste it 
leaves in my pores 
wanting more from my core. 
I've locked the door but my fears are sprawled on the floor
 it's four and I'm awake with heart ache for pains sake it's all I can take not to cry 
or die 
or try 
to run away 
to the future 
to the day when this has all gone another way, 
when there's nothing to say and peace is in play. 
But alas I'm stuck in the past, this feeling can't last but the present holds fast,
 I'm within pains grasp
 drowning in a river of air 
coddled by despair, 
the treatments impaired
its not all that fair.
 I'm trapped in its lair,
 caged by the page of  age upon me, 
I'm sorry that  I'm not strongly persisting in the midst of the army, 
I've lost my wits to the kiss 
of depression. Dancing lightly in succession with repression.
 Albeit  I've learned a lesson, one cannot lessen 
their own hurt with mere confessions
 of gratitude for their worldly possessions,
 sometimes it takes profession in universal faith, 
acceptance in your mistakes 
and letting yourself feel the heartbreak. 

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