Friday, June 28, 2013

I'm not

I'm not your average girl. This is not your average story. You won't find an average tale hidden beneath the glitz and glory. 
There isn't an average man, child, or person in my life. And there just might not be an average husband at the end, nor an average wife. I can't promise average problems, or solutions with that. As well there won't be an average education or average job to match. My career is not straight forward. Neither is my talent. I have expertise in areas that aren't normal. In ways that's quite unbalanced. 
My average is your quirky. Your zany. Your throw for the loop. It's unconventional but exceptional in the way it's so aloof. You can't put your finger on it, but it makes sense in the end. For its not really about how you feel about it, just the poetry in its lens.
So take a picture, wait a while. Sit back with a nice drink, enjoy the ride. I promise it won't be subtle. I promise to be wild. I promise that it will shock you and leave you stupored in surprise. I promise it won't be average, in your eyes or mine.

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