Saturday, January 4, 2014

I thought ....

I was thinking about publishing another post or something sort of to say... Happy New Year.

And so ....

Happy New Year.

It's 2014 and again, I don't feel that much different, but I do feel more hopeful.

I think.

no... I know.

I've decided to just play the tides out and work a little harder about going for what I want.

NOT what Tom, Joe, and Sally want. (nothing against anyone named that... good going for you.) But Olivia is the most important thing to me and I MUST do better by her this year.

She'll be two this year. I've decided to attach a picture of her loveliness.

Can you see her??
Isn't she just adorable?? hahahahahahahhaha

I'm sorry that was as much as I was willing to subject her to your scrutiny/judgment. Maybe one day I'll fully disclose myself and my daughter. Or possibly when my book publishes you'll just be able to Google us....  

Anyway, yes. 2014. 

I didn't say it last year, so maybe that's why it didn't come to fruition. But this is the year. That I break my barriers and reach my goals. Things are already happening, so I can feel it. I'm so excited. 

For those of you who've made it this far with me, thanks. Stick around there's more to come. 

And for those who've just hopped on this ride... Stick around, there's more to come. 

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