Thursday, August 7, 2014

Well... IOU

I said I was gonna write every day didn't i?? Well then as you can see from the last time I posted.. I totally lied. 

I am currently at the hospital with Olivia. She has a really bad rash on her buns. It's been about 2 weeks now, so I just decided that it's probably more than over the counter can handle. And so here I am. Olivia and I...

L was here with us, but then his phone got low on battery and so he finagled a way out of staying. 
He asked me if I would be angry if he left and I told him the truth. I wouldn't. And that's because I'm not. 

In fact, I should've expected it. He's not really cut out for this. 
I didn't want to force him to stay. I wanted him to make the adult decision to stay and he was incapable of doing that. 

P.S I never finished writing this. So I'm just gonna leave that thought there. 
On a side note L did return later that night. 

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