Tuesday, January 27, 2015

2015... yah??!!

Ok, so this is my first official post in the new year. I had actually started writing another post while in the train (on my phone), but the blogger app is shit and it didn't save it... so... I'm here not really writing a post.

I just didn't want to leave this month blank, and it's almost over, so I needed to pump out something. Ideally, I'd like to post about once a week (because everyday would be overkill, I'm not that interesting), however I find that because the app is so infuriating and because there's only one computer in the house and I'm not normally bo-guarding it, that it takes forever for me to post... anything.

Having said that I guess I can get into a little update (even though I despise the idea of that right now):

- Hopefully awaiting placement into an apartment (Yah!! I wasn't staying here in the shelter, waiting for a helping hand from the government; I just wanted to get my shit together, but if they're going to lend a helping hand, I might as well take it.)

- Got a new job! As an administrative assistant/personal assistant. It's tough and can be stressful sometimes, but I'm thankful. The pay wasn't what I was hoping for, but it's one step better than what I had before (literally $1 more per hour)

- Been working on looking a lot at myself and my situation and reflecting on what changes need to happen in the near and distant future.

The goal is to look at these update post every month and reflect on my monthly goals. Please see below:

  • Get up to date on bills
  • Set reachable plan of action and employment goals with L
  • Create savings 
  • Create workable budget
I think I'll leave this as that. Since we're at the end of January, I'll have this goal list be for the month of February, so towards the end of that month I'll reflect. P.S You might hear nothing about this list until then. I believe that this way I can see my trajectory and growth over the year. 

Well, until next week.