Thursday, July 9, 2015

What the #$*%!

I legitimately don't understand L.

Do you recall a post a while back that talked about him moving out.. and yada yada yada (I'd rather not rehash the painful memory) but it was all but clear that even though he was speaking emotionally ,which he claims he never does, he obviously was telling some kind of truth.

And still he manages to have a conversation with me yesterday about buying a puppy 2 years from now. Asking if I thought we'd be ready!! Stating that maybe we'll be married by then!!!

I just don't get it. His mixed signals are disgusting and they make me want to slap someone. Then get this... he then divulges that he's just not ready right now. He still has urges to get out of his system (i.e he wants to sleep with other people). So I proceeded to ask him about my "urges" and he said that I can get those out of my system too. He just hopes that I have no one to get it out of my system with. HAHAHAHAHA little does  he know as a woman I can get my urges out with any flipping body I point my finger at. Although if I had a choice i'd check out the lady side of things. (But boy would I make a terrible lesbian. I don't seem to be as visible as I had hoped I could be. I'm going to have to settle on buying some rainbow converse.

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