Thursday, October 15, 2015

And ode to NYC and the US

I can't fucking take this anymore.

I'm thoroughly exhausted and it's not even mid afternoon, it's not even 10 am!!!
I have no patience for this anymore.

I've been up since 6 am just trying to get to work. I had to pick up Olivia and bring her back to school. Then I figured I'd take  a Lyft cab so that I won't be too late. Low and behold I waited for the cab for about an hour (an extremely complicated ordeal) and it gave me nothing. I ten decided to take the bus, but made the last minute decision (mistake) to transfer to the train and instead of taking the G to work and walking, transfering to the C (MISTAKE).  Just to have to eventually come out of the train station and run after the bus. It's safe enough to say that I'm not only extremely late, but extremely pissed off. 

In conjunction with that, I was told that I'd be taking on another responsibility over something in the summer, which translates to me that I'm not getting this other position. I could be speculating but I feel as though I'm not getting it. So I need to start on my plans to move out of the country. I figured I'd reach out to my contacts to see what opportunities I can tap into. I don't have a desire to finish my degree here all that much so I wouldn't mind if I had to leave before accomplishing that. I hate the thought of starting this because everything's so uncertain. I just wish I could find stability. For once. 

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