Thursday, November 12, 2015


I walked into work getting a surprise phone call. 

I'm losing my job! 🎉 (that's the confetti cone emoji btw) 

Well it seems that what I had expected happened way sooner than I expected. They didn't even let me get 6 months in. 

The good news amongst all this 💩 (poop emoji) is that I might have a shot at getting a better job and stay in the same department, I'd just be working for a different company. A consultation company working on Super StormSandy  recovery. I could potentially negotiate for a better salary and benefits. But I have to go through the regular application process and I have no real idea what the timeline is and/or if I'll in fact get the job. 

Then the temp agency is also offering me a job with the Customer Contact Center, but the pay is the same, same NYCHA stipulations.. With the added effect that it's in Long Island City and the hours vary... Morning, evening, overnight. 

I'd have to rely heavily on L. And even that is still a shot in the dark. 

These opportunities are both, by the way, excellent alternatives to unemployment and they're both a whole lot more guaranteed than me doing job search on my own. But they're both time sensitive so I have to play my cards right. I'd really like to stay in my department. And I'd like a better salary, even if it's for a year. But everything is literally up in the air. 

So I just have to wait and see where the cards land. 

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