Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Tried, and tired

I've finally come up for air!!

I've been so swamped with work and the holidays and what not. It's been real. Really real. Oh speaking of which, Happy Holidays (which ever you celebrate)! Merry Christmas and Happy Yule for me. Happy New Year! 

So let's do a quick recap. 

Christmas was great (as good as it could be.. ) my family came over (mom, brother, sister in law, cousin). It was quite wonderful. I cooked a succulent dinner. (With help from my mom) and Olivia had a grand time opening gifts (she made a huge mess). But all in all it was awesome. 

In other x-mas news, I got 2 kittens!! I'm so in love with them, look!
Our tree!!! It's much better in person. ;)
Yahoo playing with a feather
Yogurt under the tree.. chillin

Their names are Yogurt and Yahoo. And they're actually the real reason I'm here, but I want to make sure I've gotten the updates out of the way......... Ohhhhhh. 

My mother took the liberty of adding extensions (synthetic hair braids) into my 3 year old daughters hair. She didn't ask, she didn't say anything to me or L and I'm livid. The least she could've done was  ask.... Extensions were at the top of my No-no list and she knew that! She did this shit behind my back on purpose and it's so upsetting. A few days ago we were planning a New Years party, but I was really upset with her, she hasn't called me at all. I don't care much. She really broke my trust on a superficial level, she has to really watch what she does in terms of Olivia, because I'm not playing that shit.

So back to Yogurt and Yahoo ( oh I almost forgot Yogurt is the playful girl, Yahoo is the suave boy)... I got them on Christmas Eve. Didn't intend to get two cats, but not many were available. And Olivia and I bonded to them almost immediately. As well, they're brother and sister so I couldn't separate them (I wouldn't have wanted to anyway, I personally believe 2 kittens are better). Everything was swell, I didn't pay a fortune, (although I did bank myself at negative because of their supplies) Olivia and I had a joyous Christmas because of their addition. Now here's the problem...L.

L doesn't like cats. He explained this, but he also said he was traumatized by the loss of a cat at a young age so that's why he never wanted one again. Then eventually it became "I don't like cats". I was like whatever, I thought he was trying not to be soft. So we had agreed to get a cat. Just one though, but I ended up with 2. He was testy. And he complained and he had a tantrum... He threatened to let them get lost... Yada yada, essentially he's heartless. But he was just ranting. I caught him several times playing with the cats and them enjoying his company. However, he still complains and now he wants me to get rid of them. .........

First, I've made a shit ton... A SHIT TON, of sacrifices and compromises for him.. But he can't bend because he "Doesn't. Like. Cats." ???????????????? We'll get back to this shortly..

Second, I've asked him to do nothing for them. I clean their litter and feed them (like I do almost everything in the house) and Olivia plays and cuddles with them. The only reason he interacts with them is because THEY FUCKING LIKE HIM!!! I don't know why though...... 

Third, he's such a sour ass. 

So back to 1. I'm not mad that he doesn't like cats I'm mad that I put up with this shit for this long and he can't compromise for fucking cats. 
I'm mad that I didn't stop him in his tracks when he got me pregnant, I'm mad that I didn't object to his extreme marijuana habit (that has taken more money out this household then I can count, that has taken money from RENT!!). I'm mad I didn't complain about his laziness or joblessness or the fact that he can't stay at one job, or look for a new one. I'm mad that I didn't throw a tantrum when he made me drop off AND pick up Olivia when all he did was stay in the house all day. I'm mad that I didn't pout when I had to cook AND clean after a long days work, while I was sick or while I was exhausted. I'm mad that a "man" who doesn't know the meaning of loving commitment and seeing the future in another person and only wanting to share that with them, would drag me along on a goddamn leash and I would walk along obediently. 

I'm mad that I made it this far.. I'm mad that I'm fucking mad. And I feel so mad that I'm bound to do something petty, or say some real shit and he ain't gonna like it. But aside from being mad, I'm fed up. I'm tired of trying so hard to make a relationship out of this co-dependency. He may think that I don't need him, but he has been vital to my emotional evolution. I really do care for him and I only want the best for him, but I feel as though I'm alone in that sentiment. This has been the case for a long time, I've just honestly been playing games. I keep waiting on him to appreciate me, to stand up for his family and be a man, to start acting like he gives a damn, to be responsible, essentially I'm waiting for something that has almost no chance of happening. I can't change a grown person.. I honestly can't change anyone... for any reason. They have to be willing to make adjustments in themselves and L just isn't about that..

I'm really tired of all this..I've tried so hard. 

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