Thursday, April 28, 2016

And actual goodbye letter

Dear L,

I left for work early, needed to lick my wounds. I think you should pack your things and leave. {i know i wasted no fucking time} I don't want to cage and/or trap you. And I can't handle another infidelity (even with prior knowledge). I try to. I tried to be someone who I am not for you. I was going to try and compromise EVERYTHING, sacrificing sanity int he process. For you. Because I love you. And I always will  {this is true}, but that's not enough. But I understand. I can't blame you. And I appreciate your honesty. Let's not pretend any longer, because inevitably you'll continue to hurt me, whilst trying not to hurt me. I am damaged enough.
Take the car. I've got public transport. You can either spend more time with Olivia or bring her back this weekend. Keep the key, you're always welcome. Take the suitcases or whatever if you'd prefer to stay... I'll leave. If you want to talk we can, but not until later my heart needs emergency repairs.

Take care of yourself.

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