Thursday, April 28, 2016

Love is abstract

I'm gonna post this first. Then post my letter to L. Just because I'm fucking cynical. And it feels like it'd be a nice surprise. 

So all was well with my return to the US until I found out some nuclear news. 

L cheated on me again. 

It was before I even left the country. 

It was with a Bitch I've met before and regarded nicely. 

It was with said bitch more than once. 

It was a mistake, but there's no mistaking this rapture on my soul. 


He told me while we were watching a favorite tv show of ours, Awkward. 
 I guess the shit going on in the show hit too close to his guilty conscious. I was in utter shock. I left the apartment and immediately went to drown myself in alcohol. I was alone physically, but I spoke to two friends to help me not fall out and die. 

He expressed how terrible he feels. How much he loves me.. How much he fucked up.  Yada, yada...


The worst part is that I really do love that asshole. I wanted to marry him. Have another child..... But. 


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