Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The title goes here, but I put it down there

Mo' money Mo' problems no money no problems

For some odd reason I feel like all my bad luck came with this new job. Like, getting a higher job title and a serious pay increase wasn't actually life changing in the good way that I would've expected it to be.
As well, I feel like every day I'm still at this job just means more hardship for me.

I just feel feel like the minute I've reached my last day will be the day that everything just stops. And the sky clears and all of a sudden something amazing and unexpected happens.
Whats more weird is that I always expected that with more income I could do more things, but in fact I just became more limited in what I was able to do. It seems like more just wasn't enough. Which really got me thinking maybe I'm just getting my money from the wron place, and I need to be making my own money. Because other people's money hasn't done me any good.

I had had so many good things planned and each and every one of them failed on me.

Ive put some thought into this theory that my job is the route of all evil, lol (jk, but maybe so... 🤔)
but it might also be ill-will that people I worked with wished on me, so I need to get away from those people or person... 😒

Ive got a little over a week left now. I'm so anxious. The first thing I'm going to do is my homework.

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