Sunday, May 21, 2017

Let's Catch Up (again)

I realized that's it's high time for me to go over things that have happened in the past (maybe) 6 months.

  1. I'm pregnant. With baby number 2. Don't know if it's a boy or girl yet. Wasn't expecting it because I found out right when I was about to break up with L. *kanye shrug*
  2. The baby almost killed me during the first trimester. I was super sick the entire time. Lost about 25 lbs so far. 
  3. We also got a dog. Gypsy. She's a blue nose pit bull. Olivia loves her and she loves us.
  4. L is pretty abusive to Gypsy so we may not keep her for much longer. I don't like how he treats her (he's an asshole) and she's getting too big for this apartment.
  5. I was trying to move to Philly. Not working out. Need new plan of action.
  6. Went back to work, just a temp job. Barely pays anything, I'm back to square one.
  7. Had actually went back to school (not sure if I wrote about that). Was doing good until I got pregnant and sick. Had to take medical leave. Now in super debt.
  8. Got into a really bad fight with L on Mothers Day. He got physical again. Now it's tough and I'm pretty much over the relationship even though i'm giving him another chance. He needs serious help. 
  9. I need serious help too though. I can't live like this. So stressed and angry all the time. 
  10. I don't have any friends anymore. Maybe like 1. 
Well that wraps that up for now. I'm tired from being so angry. I'm gonna try and get some sleep. 

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